Private Vietnam Tours

Spontaneous. Interactive. Authentic.

These are not adjectives that you would use to describe most Vietnam tours. Drive Vietnam is a different type of tour company however. We aim to be the standard bearer for excellence and sustainable tourism in Vietnam. This means, we won’t take you to the typical touristy stops that the majority of visitors to Vietnam are herded to, or push you to buy cheap trinkets to fill our pockets with commissions. Our tours are unique and truly off the beaten path.

We hope to make you as passionate about Vietnam as we are.

Saigon Up Close & Personal

From learning the stories behind the war torn images, to tasting delicious street food that has been made the same way for generations, to bargaining with the crafty market vendors in bustling markets, let us show you a side of Saigon that few visitors get to see.

The Ultimate Cu Chi Tunnels

Ben Duoc is the Cu Chi Tunnels for locals that most people don't know about. Rougher and unaltered for tourists. Let us show you how the ingenious people of Cu Chi survived in the harshest of environments and conquered their enemies while facing unbelievable odds.

Mekong Life Unscripted

We'll take you down the road less traveled, into modest homes and tiny huts, where you will meet a variety of locals. You'll see how the industrious countryside villagers make noodles, incense, brooms, etc. and live off the mighty Mekong River.